Governor of Virginia

I just became a proud American in October 2018 and am Canadian born. Not too stupid with 3 Universities and a full career behind me, I retired to sunny and warm Arizona in 2003. I am moved by the Governor’s(of Virginia) photo and also by the issue itself. Which person in the photo is racist? The white has always frightened me and I am white! The black looks like my best friend from college whom I admire and love. If this is a PC issue then I am stupid I offer my hand and my heart to Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam. My question is: May I dress up for Halloween as one of these characters or is it a crime or a sin or both?


5 thoughts on “Governor of Virginia

  1. Lynda, White people wearing blackface is racist because of Al Jolson and other entertainers who did it to belittle and make fun of black people. Regardless of what you think of the logic in that statement, it’s the only explanation I’ve ever heard for why.

    In any case, blackface is a symbol. Once something becomes a symbol, it’s meaning is changed.

    Look at the cross. That was a way to torture the condemned, used to add to the grief of the families of those sentenced to death, and a way for Imperial Rome to show the non-Romans they had conquered that Rome was in charge. For the first few centuries after Christ, it was not used as a symbol of the church. The fish was, as the initials of Jesus Christ, Son of God spelled fish in Latin. But the church adopted the Crucifix as its symbol somewhere in those early centuries and now it means Christianity, period.

    There’s no good logic for why the torture device on which Jesus died would be venerated by those who follow Him, but it is .

    In much the same way, other symbols defy logic, yet they are symbols. Once you know what they are taken to mean in the culture where you live, it’s only reasonable to treat them accordingly.


    • THANK YOU. I continue to rail with such discomfort I feel insane in my response to this news which has somehow alluded me. I am truly shaken and cannot rest even after connecting with God. How do you process what has happened to the Governor? In particular, the very minute detail regarding the elusive non-choice in the objectivity? btw yours is the only comment out of thousands of these messages I have sent.


      • I just recognize that we live in an age where everything is subject to critical scrutiny. Politicians in particular have to know that any skeletons in their past will emerge, as the hyper-partisanship of these days means every action can be used against them, even those from years before. It’s the way things are. We in America abandoned civility and public-spiritedness because we’ve been led to prefer petty b.s. and mean-spiritedness. It takes an active mind and will to look past the current culture and see the good and the bad and weigh them properly.


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